Sounding Board Service

(From left to right) Patrick C. Ahern, Managing Director - Investments, and Christopher J. Franke, Managing Director - Investments

Exclusively for friends, family, and associates of our valued clients

In this ever-changing world, many people are seeking validation that they are making the right decisions and are on the right path to financial success. You probably know someone who may be in this situation and is looking for a team who will provide knowledge and recommendations as to integrating holistic solutions to their current or anticipated wealth management plan. They may be obtaining advice from multiple sources working in silos without access to an informed, experienced, professional network of advisors.

We are passionate about helping people with evolving wealth management needs by being that Sounding Board. This complimentary service will help them make better informed decisions in addition to receiving the caliber of guidance that you have come to expect as a valued client of the Ahern-Franke Group of Wells Fargo Advisors.

What to Expect?

We will meet with your friends, family, and associates for a thorough discovery meeting where we will uncover their values, goals, and objectives. In addition we will assess their current plan and compare it against our comprehensive approach to wealth management. This spans more than just investment management. Our process will address vital areas of advanced planning such as wealth enhancement, wealth transfer, wealth preservation strategies, charitable giving, and legacy planning. If appropriate, we will provide them our wealth management plan meeting where we will share our findings.

There are three potential outcomes from our Sounding Board Service:

  1. We confirm that their current plan is sufficient to address their financial goals and that they are on the right track.
  2. We identify gaps in their plan that may prevent them from achieving their financial goals and objectives. If the opportunity is a good fit, we will offer our experience and services.
  3. We identify recommended modifications to their current strategy but realize we may not be the best fit. In this case, we will provide information they can take to their current financial professional or we can provide a referral to a team that is better capable of helping them reach their financial goals and objectives.

We are happy to initiate a conversation with your friends, family, and associates who are seeking additional input so they can make an optimal, informed decision. If we can help someone you care about through our integrated approach, please feel free to introduce them to our Sounding Board Service. 

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FINRA’s BrokerCheck Obtain more information about our firm and its financial professionals